Due to a sudden passing within family, it is with great sorrow we announce the cancellation of EXTORTION‘s upcoming US tour dates. We hope to reschedule something in the next year, but until then all of EXTORTION‘s US appearances as well as FULL OF HELL‘s support slot have been cancelled.

Please check your local venue to see if the shows will continue with the remaining bands and support the promoters who worked so hard to make this tour happen in your city.

Baltimore’s matinee will still continue as planned minus EXTORTION:

Until next time we’re sending all positive thoughts to our friends down under.


In other news FULL OF HELL & MERZBOW  ‘Sister Fawn’ LP preorders will commence on Friday at 1PM EST. 1000 copies. One time. Black Vinyl. The first 100 orders via A389 will get a free bonus FOH live tape. Euros can order from our EVIL GREED webstore to save on shipping (tapes are exclusive to A389 orders).

Speaking of FULL OF HELL they will be ALL over the map on tour for the rest of the year. Be sure not to miss them!


Last but not least the CHOKEHOLD BOX-SETS!!!!


We’re told to expect them here on/around 10/15 so we’re gonna set the end of the month as the official shipping date to allow for transit. Might be sooner, not likely to be later. Thanks for your patience. If they turn out as envisioned they will be awesome and well worth the wait!

Podcast Episode 2

The second episode of the A389 Podcast is up. I talked to Jeff Beckman(Chokehold, Left for Dead, Pick Your Side, Haymaker) ahead of the final Chokehold reunion show. It is presented in two parts amidst the following playlist.

CHOKEHOLD(A389)-More Than Ever (live)
GOD’S HATE (Closed Casket Activities) – Father Inferior
FULL OF HELL(A389)-Return to the Mines
LEFT FOR DEAD (A389)-Skin Graft
INTEGRITY(A389)-Blessed Majesty (live)
HAYMAKER(A389)-Longest Nightmare
EXTORTION(Resist Records/Deep Six Records)-Regrets
INTEGRITY(A389/Holy Terror Records)-7th Revelation Beyond the Realm of the VVItch
WEEKEND NACHOS(A389)-Watch You Suffer
CHOKEHOLD(A389)-Tooth and Nail

Chokehold is playing their FINAL reunion show on Saturday, September 19th at the Baltimore Sound Stage. The lineup includes Integrity (playing their only U.S. show in two years!), God’s Hate, Churchburn, and Queensway.
Tickets HERE

Thank you to the following labels:
Closed Casket Activities

Visit the A389 Records Webstore HERE



The time is finally upon us! This Saturday at BALTIMORE SOUNDSTAGE, legendary A389 mainstays INTEGRITY will play their first show in almost 2 years and ONLY show on US soil…or any soil for that matter. Joining them will be CHOKEHOLD on what’s said to be the final stab at their reunion shows as well as an exclusive fly-in one-off appearance by our favorite current hardcore band GOD’S HATE from California. But wait there’s more!! CHURCHBURN (ex-GRIEF + VITAL REMAINS) from New England will be playing as well as local dudes QUEENSWAY. It’s sure to be a show for the books.

There will also be an afternoon matinee at THE SIDEBAR TAVERN featuring the first-ever (Read the article)

Podcast Episode 1

The first episode of the A389 Podcast is up. Dwid Hellion took the time to be interviewed for the episode. It is presented in two parts amidst an extensive play list.

INTEGRITY (A389) – Walpurgisnacht
GOD’S HATE (Closed Casket Activities) – Divine Injustice
CHURCHBURN (Armageddon Label) – Embers of Human Ash
QUEENSWAY (Independent) – Return to Dirt
CHOKEHOLD (A389) – Anchor
FULL OF HELL & MERZBOW (Profound Lore) – Gordion Knot
FULL OF HELL (A389) – Attrition Of The Elm Caw
GENOCIDE PACT (A389) – Experiments in Nihilism
ILSA (A389) – Pandolpho
NOISEM (A389) – Burning
HOMEWRECKER (A389)- Skin The Pig
THE GUILT OF… (A389) – Election Of The Severed Hand
THE BELLICOSE MINDS (A389) – Hammer Of Ice
HAYMAKER (A389) – Let Them Rot
LEFT FOR DEAD (A389) – Devil’s Punchbowl
VERMAPYRE (Holy Terror) – Dungeon of Eternal Night

Thank you to the following labels:
Holy Terror Records
Profound Lore Records
Closed Casket Activities

Thanks to Dwid for making the time to be a part of this episode. Be sure to experience Vermapyre on September 19th at 2pm at the Baltimore Sidebar.
Vermapyre LIVE VIDEO
Tickets HERE

Catch Integrity (with Chokehold, God’s Hate, Churchburn, Queensway) September 19th at 7pm at the Baltimore Sound Stage.
Tickets HERE


If you see any glitches shoot me an email / been up for 2 days straight…

We have box-sets, individual colors, shirts, patches and 100 NEW TICKETS for the INTEGRITY / CHOKEHOLD / GODS HATE / CHURCHBURN / QUEENSWAY show in Baltimore 09/19/2015.

Tons of cheap records to add to your order too so load up!!

PS: We’ll be posting the color / vinyl pics tonight just didn’t have time to get to the warehouse between day job + family stuff.


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