Hey so I’m sending tshirt orders out next week for all the new releases and am offering a sweet / last shot deal to get as many records on your turntables and shirts on your back as possible. These 3 bands / releases are some of the best you’ll year in 2014. Don’t miss this opportunity




Updates Updates Updates

Sorry I’ve been a little sparse, I got promoted/started a new day job which has made my days almost airtight as far as being able to post updates, but I’ll do what I can. Also Reagie had pneumonia so I spent a couple days/nights in the hospital keeping her company thus missing mailorder this week etc. But I’ll be getting orders caught up this week unless the new baby decides to rear it’s head this week…….

ANYWAYS hitting you with these updates:

NOTHING leathers redos will be fingers crossed ready 2nd week of October. Brutal wait I know, but these things happen. Thanks for your patience. They are stitching and screening as fast as they can.

We’ll also be unveiling the fabled EYEHATEGOD picture discs soon. You’ve seen hints. These are ignorant both in style and in price. Super limited edition picture disc with etched bside on the pic disc. Get stoked.

Other than that PHARAOH / HOMEWRECKER and SICK/TIRED releases are on schedule for halloween

BLACK FRIDAY releases are at the plant look for 100 DEMONS / PRIMITIVE MAN / FISTER / THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER /HAYMAKER releases soon.

We also repressed HOMEWRECKER and IRON REAGAN first LPs should have those in soon and are doing a special FOH 7″ for their Australia tour…stay tuned.

And we’ll be announcing the bash shows this Friday. Stay tuned.

Ok late for work. Talk soon.
Be excellent to each other.

PS: If you want to help me during this super busy time asides from buying records you can help out HUGE by spreading the word.
Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend.



Watch this first…

Then you’ll understand this…

Photo on 9-14-14 at 4.54 PM #2

Nothing is more annoying in label-land when things don’t go right. We’ve been waiting for weeks and you in turn have been waiting for weeks for the NOTHING ‘Downward Years To Come’ leather covers to arrive…and arrive they did! Only they were cut to the wrong size!!! This was a really bad scene. I don’t get legit angry often and my blood was boiling over this one. BUT then I calmed dowm and accepted that mistakes do happen. Everyone is human.

The printer is making new ones as we speak. It’s gonna take a couple of weeks since the leather has to be cut by seamstress, screen-printed and then sewn up into covers.

We need to ask for your patience on this one. If you decide you want a refund instead of waiting please don’t hesitate to send an email over and I’ll be sure to accommodate your request personally. If you’re OK with waiting, standby and I’ll be posting updates as soon as I get them (Facebook/Instagram is the fastest/easiest way to keep up..twitter too but I’m currently locked out)

So these little critters don’t go to waste we’ll be offering a NOTHING DYTC leather CD preorder on Friday with this reasoning in mind: The printer is a good friend of mine and is fixing this error out of his own pocket / costing him out a LOT of money. Granted he’s taking the high road regardless and offered to eat the loss, it still bothers me to see him lose his hard earned money/time when he worked really hard on these.. SO I’m going to give him the money earned from the CD leathers to help pad his loss from having to do the project all over again from scratch. Pick one up if you feel so inclined.

So that’s the news on that. NAPALM CHRIST preorders all shipped today. Be sure to get your HOMEWRECKER / PHARAOH / SICK-TIRED preorders in.

Last records of the year are gonna be 100 DEMONS / THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and PRIMITIVE MAN/FISTER split. Things will run an autopilot till the end of the year as the new baby will be here in less than a month

Thanks again for your understanding/patience.
Your support is what keeps the wheels turning.







Quick little PRE-Update: NOTHING ‘Downward Years To Come’ Leather Preorders will be shipping next week. They had to bounce back and forth between the seamstress, screenprinter and back to seamstress so it took a minute. Sorry to keep you waiting. It will be worth it, promise. Ditto for the NAPALM CHRIST T-shirt preorders, the shirts will be ready to ship next week. Thanks to anyone who picked up the new NOTHING, NAPALM CHRIST and NOISEM releases!!! Apologies in the hustle/bustle we forgot to include download codes so go to http://a389recordings.bandcamp.com and grab them there. I tried to make them FREE but I ran out of free credits when I put the mixtape up (thousands!) so I had to make it $1. Sorry for the minor inconvenience. I’ll leave it at $1 for the next week so if you preordered a copy be sure to grab it. AND if you didn’t order but want to take advantage of the opportunity go ahead. As always PLEASE DON’T be a dick and re-upload my releases on blogs or youtube. New releases will be uploaded to the A389TV Channel on Youtube as soon as Dylan is back from tour with FULL OF HELL.

Now that that’s out of the way Here’s some news you may or may not have been waiting for:


January 2014. We started off the year seeing INTEGRITY headline our 10th Anniversary Bash with their classic ‘Systems Overload’ lineup. They said it would never be done. It was done.

It was done alongside BLOODLET and IN COLD BLOOD‘s first shows in 10 years, plus INFEST and a slew of incredible sets by my picks for best bands of past and present.

So how do you top the A389 10th Anniversary bash from 2014, you ask? You don’t. I actually had some insane ideas while high on the ‘I am God I can do anything’ rush from the last Bash, but the reality is that a big fest would cripple me this year mentally and financially. I just don’t have the time do pull it off and do a good job with everything going on in my life outside of the label this year (new kid/house/construction/dog..you name it) I need to step back and be where I’m needed/want to be.

So what’s gonna happen then, you ask? Honestly, not doing a show at all sounded amazing. Spend my birthday listening to records and watching horror movies instead? Almost happened. But then the more I thought about it the more I realized the best part about January is seeing all my friends in one place for a few days. Being together and enjoying a sub-sect of the hardcore scene dictated by what bands we all commonly love, not what’s currently popular. And let’s face it, we’re all getting older and aren’t gonna be around forever right? Something HAS to happen.

And so it will. Mark January 16/17 2015 on your calendar. Baltimore City. It’s a Friday/Saturday. No big surprises..most of the usual suspects will be there but here’s the twist:

Friday’s show will take place in a 100 capacity venue.
Saturday’s show will take place in a 250 capacity venue.

The bigger venues have given us many incredible memories and will continue to do so in 2016, but this year it’s all about seeing bands in smaller/intimate venues with low door prices anyone can afford and the element of danger/excitement in the air. At the end of the day I couldn’t ask for a better 38th birthday present than seeing HAYMAKER play the Sidebar..whoops did I say that out loud? Stay tuned. Lineup will be revealed once everyone confirms.


Now that the bash has been addressed go watch this trailer that Chariot Of The Black Moth made for us

And now go to our webstore and preorder three of the sickest new releases to hit the streets in 2014

HOMEWRECKER Circle Of Death 12″/CD

PHARAOH Negative Everything 12″

SICK/TIRED Dissolution 12″

We also have a repress of HOMEWRECKER ‘Worms And Dirt’ on new colors up for preorder and
NOTHING ‘Downward Years To Come’ available on CD for the first time if that’s your thing.
Halloween is the street date they will hopefully ship sooner (fingers crossed)
Especially since all the bands will be touring in October.
Media blitz starts next week. Just wanted to give you a head start.

Lot’s more to come. Stay with us and tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend.
Thanks Everyone!

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